David Corey strokes his uncut cock for Squirtz

David Corey jerks off for Squirtz

A student at a tourism school, David Corey admits that he’s a very reserved kind of guy. No wild partying, no crazy sexcapades, just a conscientious student leading the balanced, conventional life of a 21 year old. And he’ll tell you that if you knew him you’d think he’s the last guy that would have porn star aspirations.

But, as he’s found, something happens to him when he’s in front of a camera broadcasting to admirers hoping to see him naked. And when you look as good as David does, sharing his naked body with admirers of sculpted abs, bubble buts and smooth, cut pecks is almost a public service. Add to that his projectile cumshots and we think that David’s potential as a porn star is unlimited.

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Carmello strokes his big uncut dick

Carmello strokes his fat uncut cock

This stunning straight young guy, Italian Canadian, is a mover by trade and he seems to think that all that lifting of heavy furniture is responsible for his fine shape. But for sure, Carmello has some great genetics going for him too.

That pretty boy face, those beautiful blue eyes and about the most perfect skin we’ve ever seen, this guy is truly blessed with natural beauty and a big uncut cock. He’s all about the girls and it’s not surprising he can get them to do pretty much anything he wants them to do. But one time when getting a blowjob in the washroom, Carmello got a surprise.

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Mikey strokes his big uncut cock

Mikey's big uncut cock

Mikey is a good friend of Jimmy Bodine and when Jimmy told him about our site Mikey decided he’d give it a try. He was careful to point out to us that he’s a straight guyand really into girls.

He’s in construction, plays a lot of sports and when he’s ready to blow off steam, he goes to the clubs. When he goes to the clubs, he’s on the prowl for sporty chicks. He did find that jerking off in front of a guy was a bit stressful. But when it was all over he decided that it was a lot more fun than he thought it would be.

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Muscle jock Brandon jerks off for Squirtz

Brandon jerks his big uncut cock

We had seen Brandon as a fashion model in local magazines around town and always marveled at his gorgeous body and beautiful blue eyes. So you can imagine how excited we were when Brandon contacted us because what he really wanted was to be a porn star. He told us that he’s a world class bottom-boy and he wants the world to know it.

We’ll organize a duo with him as soon as possible with a top who will put his skills to the test. Today, Brandon gives us a solo show as he jerks his big uncut cock and shoots a nice creamy white load!

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Vince Demerit jerks his big uncut cock

Vince Demerit solo for Squirtz

Vince Demerit made a big impression on Squirtz, when he appeared on the site over a year ago. And then he suddenly disappeared on us for almost a year. It seems that not long after his last scene with us Vince got himself into a serious relationship and for the past year has stayed pretty close to home and out of circulation.

But just about a month ago Vince found himself single again and wanted to have a little more fun in his life. So he took a job at a gay strip club and got himself a new boy. As soon as we saw him again, we thought he looked better than ever and really wanted him in front of our camera again. We hope Vince is back to stay.

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Tattooed twink Seth Knight jerks off

Seth Kinght jerks off

Most of the models you find on Squirtz are pure Canadian boys. But every once in awhile a special exception comes along and Seth Knight is definitely special and obviously exceptional.

Seth was in Montreal on business and Seth’s business is fucking. A rising porn star in the twink category, Seth has performed in many videos and is just coming off a seven month vacation from porn and he’s ready to jump back in with both feet. With his beautiful face, perfect slender body and insatiable sexual desires, Seth is destined for big things.

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