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Muscle jock Lance Alexander jerks off

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Lance Alexander solo

Lance Alexander is a former water polo player showing off a few moves in the pool on a beautiful sunny summer day. Thrashing around in the pool as he partakes in different exercises, he works up quite a bit of sexual energy. As he showers off, his gigantic cock begs to be stroked, so upon exiting the shower, he obliges and leans back on the sofa, spreading his fingers around the shaft and stroking his dick to maximum length.

Swelling in his hands, his dick stands straight up as he flogs away, getting up to move closer to the fireplace and warm his naked body. Once his body temperature is restored, he lays back down on the couch and proceeds to masturbate with purpose, moving his free hand about his body and teasing his asshole and taint, until Lance is ready to explode, doing so in a messy puddle all over the couch cushions.

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Muscle jock Cory Everlast

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Cory Everlast

Here’s a tasty, muscle bound morsel for you to enjoy. His name is Cory Everlast and he’s letting you take a peek while he disrobes andfattens up his huge cock. Once chubbified, he’s stroking his meat with his large, tattooed arms and giving you sexy, taunting looks. Cory knows you like his bubbly ass cheeks and amazing body. This is the sexiest dude you’ve seen around the weight room in a while!

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James Jamesson jerks off

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James Jamesson

James Jamesson for Next Door Male

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straight guy jerks off

James Jamesson sometimes finds himself in some “sticky” situations. In fact just today he was hanging out at the library, reading romantic mystery novels, when his dick grew quite hard. Being an upstanding citizen, James decided to jerk off in a bathroom stall, away from the public eye.

After blowing his load all over the inside of the stall, he emerges from the bathroom to find two police officers questioning him about his activity. Find out what happened to him as he recounts this tale of woe to his friend on the phone.

A story like this only serves to get James’s cock just as rock hard as it was earlier in the library. Watch James stroke his meat and contort himself into an amazing position as he sucks his own dick!

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Tristan Bull is back

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Tristan Bull is back and his horns are hard and ready. He decides to have a nice relaxing playful session in the hot tub. This guy’s cock is gorgeous especially when submerged underwater.

He strokes his long shaft in the hot tub to warm up his hard dick. After the refreshing hot water he takes his lovely cock and balls into the house where a porno magazine awaits and finishes with a big load all over his chest.

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