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Straight college boy Mario

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Mario is the latest among the new, young college studs that joined us on our big trip out in to the rustic wild. A friend of his mentioned the site to us and that he’d probably be a good fit for us and, as you can see, he most certainly is! He’s 20, incredibly handsome, laidback, and with a hot bod.

Mario started pretty late as far as sex goes! It wasn’t until he was 18 that he finally got laid, but perhaps he’s just an old-fashioned kind of guy! Granted, he says his very favorite thing to do, sexually, is anal. He loves taking a girl in the ass! It always helps when a guy shows up with an appreciation for the joys of anal!

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Jeremy jerks off at Corbin Fisher

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“Sex muscle”, as Jeremy calls it, is what I’ve always known as the “V-cut“. Funny enough, for as long as I’ve been filming guys in action and filming countless “v-cuts”, I’d never before heard of anyone calling it a “sex muscle”! It wasn’t until Jeremy mentioned it as he got naked and was talking about his body before jerking off that I had ever heard that term. You learn something new every day, I guess!

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