Maxwell Marteau strokes his juicy cock

Maxwell Marteau jerks his juicy cock

It was Quentin Crisp who said, “Sexual intercourse is a poor substitute for masturbation,” and we think our Maxwell Marteau would be the first to agree with him. The boy just loves playing with his juicy dick and he’s not ashamed to admit it. Day or night, at home or away, when the need arises, Maxwell finds a way not only to get the job done, but to savour every finger-stroking second.

For Maxwell, jerking off isn’t an unfortunate necessity between sexual encounters. He’s a very good looking guy who can pretty much have girls when he wants them. No, for Maxwell, jerking off holds a cherished place in his sex life, and even if “real” sex is available 24/7 he still needs to find time to sneak away and get his whacking off done.

This scene is Maxwell’s homage to jerking off. He explains to us all things about jerking off. When, where, how, what kind of porn, what kind of techniques and what it is he loves so much about stroking his meat.

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Joey Lafontaine plays with a big dildo

Joey Lafontaine plays with a dildo

Sure Joey Lafontaine has a girlfriend and there can be no denying that he’s attracted to girls. But that doesn’t mean that he can’t find the occasional guy attractive. And more to the point, as he clearly states, he needs some penis sometimes. And Joey’s penis longings are not simply for aesthetic reasons. A nice hard dick has a more practical purpose: ass stimulation.

So after more than four months of girl-boy sex, Joey was in desperate need of some prostate play. So he went to the local sex shop and picked up his ideal dildo and brought it over to show us just how he does it. And let me promise you, Joey knows how to use every inch of that dildo.

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Straight soccer jock Carmello Rossi solo

Hot straight soccer boy jerks off

For Italian boys, soccer is almost a religion. For sexy, blue-eyed Carmello Rossi not only is soccer a religion, it also has a compelling sexual dimension. His star status on the field always helped him to get the sex he wanted when the game was over.

Carmello made the link between soccer and sex all the more clear by getting down and dirty in his soccer gear. When he rubbed his big hard uncut cock up against the soccer ball it got him excited enough that he shot a big load of cum all over the ball.

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Straight boy Ben Rose fucks a FleshJack

Ben Rose fucks a FleshJack

First of all, yes, Ben Rose is straight. And because of his really great look and amazing body we thought it might be interesting to see what kind of a solo show he could do for us. And because we knew he was straight and because he is the way he is, we just assumed that a Fleshjack would be precisely the toy that would please him.

It was only during the interview that we learned that Ben is a lot more experimental than we had given him credit for. And though we weren’t wrong that the Fleshjack was a great toy for him, it’s quite possible that a dildo might have done the trick even better. But that’s no reason to think Ben couldn’t get everything he wants. While his right hand is working the Fleshjack, the fingers of his left hand are free to wander where they please.

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Vince Demerit tries a Dildo

Twink with uncut dick tries a dildo

Vince Demerit had been going through a lot of changes lately. Between working out 4 times a week at the gym and BMX competitions, Vince has gone from shy, skinny kid to a self-assured, budding muscle boy. But his new manly physique hasn’t gone to his head. In fact since starting with a new boyfriend, Vince has gone from aggressive top to willing bottom.

And to highlight this new found pleasure, Vince is trying a dildo for the first time. But to make it a real challenge, he picked one that is bigger than any cock he has ever had up his ass.

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Arnaud jerks off at Video Boys

When Arnaud came over to meet with us he was on his bike and all decked out in his sexy cycling shorts. He had planned to change when he got there but we thought he looked so hot that we left him in those clothes to start with. In that tight fitting outfit it’s easy to tell that Arnaud is very active in sports and spends time at the gym.

But for this scene Arnaud was there to give his hole a work out a real work out. When it comes to being a bottom, Arnaud definitely prefers the real thing but a toy will do in a pinch and he had brought along a nice thick one that he makes use of from time to time when the occasion calls for it. And though he isn’t a habitual user of toys, Arnaud is a real artist with it, giving his tight little hole a very thorough and satisfying stretching session.

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