It was great to welcome Matt back to do shoot.  I know his duo shoot with Ricky was popular – for obvious reasons!  This was meant to be another duo shoot, but unfortunately the other model pulled out on the morning of the shoot.  Luckily Matt agreed to do a solo shoot instead.

For those of you who haven’t seen Matt before, you obviously don’t see much gay porn!  He is a straight lad off the streets of South London and he supports Chelsea (as you can see from his tattoo on his arm).  But his claim to fame is his enormous 11-inch knob!  Even when not hard it flops out of his pants and dangles down like a horse’s todger! Basically if you like big cock then Matt’s your man.  Enjoy as first we see the outline of his cock inside his trackie bottoms and then his boxers.

Before long its out and Matt treats us to a wanking session from heaven as he strokes his powertool up and down whilst moaning with pleasure.  He spits on it to lube it up a bit.  Then he chills out by smoking and drinking beer in one hand whilst continuing to jerk off with the other. Matt then stands up and turns around so we get some ass shots and then we shoot from underneath him so we get some nice close ups of this amazing dick.

As a straight boy, Matt unfortunately doesn’t take anything up the ass but he made up for it by wanking off some more and then shooting a large cum load of white jizz all over his chest and stomach.   Finally, as a bonus, we shoot Matt having a shower.  I swear that even when “soft” he’s still at least 9-inches!! What a great lad.

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