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Straight newcomer Zander Floyd jerks off

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Zander Floyd jerks off

Meet Zander Floyd, a newcomer who has filmed his very first porn video with Broke Straight Boys! He has quite a notable haircut – and I am not a fan of the hair, but other that that, Zander is a handsome guy with a cute face, an athletic body, a nice-sized cock and a delicious ass.

Zander isn’t much of a talker and he is nervous at the start, but once he starts playing with his nipples and his dick, he gets all horned up. He beats his cock till he shoots a nice load and he even gives his boy juice a taste.

I really hope we will see Zander back for a hardcore scene. He could use some extra money for the hairdresser – but even with the long hair, I would love to see him back.

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Newbie Flint Harris jerks off

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Flint Harris solo

Flint Harris is our latest newbie, and he is full of energy! The 21 year old has one stroking speed: fast. He’s nervous at first, but once he starts all he wants is a good nut. When it comes, the juice coats everything from his arms to the sheets. Oh and have you seen those kissable lips?

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Straight boy Brandon Hart jerks his uncut cock

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Brandon Hart jerks his uncut cock

If you like your straight boys nervous, Brandon Hart is your lad. When he talks it’s hard to hear due to his mumbled whisper, and his laughs are all timid. Plus this is no chatty Cathy model. Keeps all his responses to monosyllables at best. He shouldn’t be uneasy because he has the goods. Cute face, killer abs, a beautiful uncut cock and a backside that needs loving.

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Broke straight boy Jake

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It’s time to welcome another newcomer to the futon today; Jake. I had only met him about 10 minutes before I started shooting where he begged me for a cigarette. As we chatted out the front of the studio, he told me why he was broke and I ended up getting him to come into the studio for a solo jerk off.

Jake had unfortunately wrecked his car after he crashed while serving to avoid hitting an animal on the road. Since the wreck, he has also lost his job since he is unable to get there to the lack of a car. The upshot is, that I offered him $50 to do a solo jerk off so that he had some cash at least. While Jake said it was a bit creepy, he was desperate enough for the cash to look past it.

Standing up, Jake stripped off his clothes, down to his white boxer briefs, revealing solid build with a star tattoo on his upper left chest. I got Jake to show off his soft cock before he started wanking and nicely enough, he was uncut which made for a pleasant change. I told him to sit back down and to start jerking himself off while I put on some straight porn for him.

It was easy to see that Jake wasn’t too sure of the protocol for this kind of event as he had obviously never jerked off in front of another guy before but it was good to see that he was willing to give new things a go. Sitting down, Jake kept his soft boxers on as he played with his dick and watched the porn. Surprisingly, it didn’t take him too long to get rock hard, Jake pulling down his boxers and letting his dick spring free so that I could get a better shot of his hand working up and down. A shot of lube and Jake leisurely massaged it into his cock shaft. Continue…

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Straight boy Eric jerks off

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The newest arrival on the Broke Straight Boy‘s futon is Eric Knight . He is 20 years old with thick dark hair, brown eyes and hails from Mississippi. Eric is here to earn some money that he can put towards some fines he received relating to when he stole some alcohol, along with some friends, from a shop back when he was 16 years. Eric quite shyly explained that he was good at sex so he wasn’t too worried about performing for an internet audience.

Eric went on to say that he jerked his 8.5 inch cock at least 3 times a day and considered himself a bit of a shooter when cumming. Standing up and taking off his shirt, Eric said that had size 13 feet and was 6’ 2″ tall. He was a little self conscious and nervous as he stripped off naked but Eric seemed to be relaxing into the shoot. Eric started playing with his cock and as he massaged his low hanging balls, it was obvious that it wasn’t going to take him long to get hard.

Only a mere minute into wanking off, Eric was able to double fist his dick as it hardened between his hands. Tugging hard at his cock, Eric’s heavy balls bounced up and down as he set himself a fast pace. Eric was getting really into his own private fantasy as his cock was rock solid, even as he rolled his balls in one hand while concentrating on rubbing a thumb over the very tip of his dick.

Shifting positions, Eric lay down on the futon, his legs spread as he put in some hard wrist action. With a tight grip on his balls, he thumbed the tip of his dick harder as he got closer to cumming. Whispering he was about to cum, Eric grunted as he shot over his stomach, pubes and chest in a rapid volley of cum.

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Blake and straight boy Damien

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The two new boys that I paired up with each other are Blake and Damien, and it just so happened that they called me the same day looking for work. I arranged for them both to come into the studio at the same time figuring that I could run through the paperwork together and possibly look at doing a casting couch shoot.

Blake was the 21 year old, gay boy that had the outspoken personality, while Damien was the 19 year old, straight boy motivated by money. After the paperwork was finished I moved them into the shoot room and decided that I would put them in front of the camera to see how they would react. I started with Blake, who seemed a little more open to the camera.

He explained that has had sex with girls, and does so just for the fun of it. When I asked if he was seeing anyone he said no, that he was available. As for Damien, he said that he was open to new experiences, and very broke which was what lead him to this kind of work. He does have a girlfriend, who has no idea what he was about to jump into. This was going to be both of their first time on camera.

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