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Straight newcomer Zander Floyd jerks off

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Zander Floyd jerks off

Meet Zander Floyd, a newcomer who has filmed his very first porn video with Broke Straight Boys! He has quite a notable haircut – and I am not a fan of the hair, but other that that, Zander is a handsome guy with a cute face, an athletic body, a nice-sized cock and a delicious ass.

Zander isn’t much of a talker and he is nervous at the start, but once he starts playing with his nipples and his dick, he gets all horned up. He beats his cock till he shoots a nice load and he even gives his boy juice a taste.

I really hope we will see Zander back for a hardcore scene. He could use some extra money for the hairdresser – but even with the long hair, I would love to see him back.

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Newbie Flint Harris jerks off

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Flint Harris solo

Flint Harris is our latest newbie, and he is full of energy! The 21 year old has one stroking speed: fast. He’s nervous at first, but once he starts all he wants is a good nut. When it comes, the juice coats everything from his arms to the sheets. Oh and have you seen those kissable lips?

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El Maximus jerks his big uncut cock

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El Maximus jerks his big cock

To kick off the New Year we’ve got a huge surprise for you. Chicago born hottie, El Maximus, is here to make the Windy City proud. El Maximus is in the kitchen talking to his girl on the phone. She’s away and he’s missing her. The sound of her voice gets his dick stirring as he slides his hand into his pants to get some relief.

He peels off his tee, showing off his smooth, defined chest and abs. His skin, a cinnamon toned canvas, ripples atop his naturally toned frame. As he drops his jeans you can’t help but see the outline of the python he’s packing as it snakes down the side of his tight boxer briefs. He pulls the head of his uncut cock out the side of his boxers as it throbs in his hand. He loses the boxers as his massive cock flops out.

He has a thick uncut cock that he keeps trimmed and tidy. It seems to grow by the second as he strokes his meat. His smooth low hangers bounce in tune to the rhythm above. El Maximus then sits up on the counter and strokes that dick giving it the attention it needs. He runs his hand along his chest and nipples as he works that foreskin over his wet knob.

He knows just what to do to make that dick throb as he slaps it against his thigh. An overhead shot gives us a great view of that uncut masterpiece as he slowly double-fists it so that it just makes those balls work harder. All that stimulating is gonna make for one delicious mess and he knows it. He holds that cock tight at the base as he picks upt he pace and speeds it up.

Lying back on the counter top he surrenders to his desire as he jacks that dick off using his foreskin to tease the underside of his head. That does the trick and as he speeds up working the head with his fingers and foreskin he grunts as his thick load pumps out load after load all over his smooth abs.

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Tattooed muscle hunk Eddie Cambio solo

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Eddie Cambio jerks off

Circle Jerk Boys has a scorcher on set as we help Rhode Islander Eddie Cambiomake his debut. Eddie comes home hoping to get lucky when he gets a call she has to work late. He decides he doesn’t need her anyway as he pops in a DVD. There’s all the pussy he’ll need as he sits back and starts to grope his chiseled frame. His cock grows as he watches the screen and slips his hand into his jeans.

Eddie is naturally smooth and his body is deliciously defined. He has a large tattoo along the right side of his torso as well as a sleeve on his left forearm. He gets comfortable as he pulls off his jeans and takes out some lube which he uses to massage into his abs and skin. The light dances on his muscles as he turns his attention to the one muscle growing in his jock strap.

As he massages his upper body we get a great view at his massive pecs and shoulders as well as the gun show. His biceps are quite impressive and it’s about to get a lot hotter in here as Eddie releases his growi ng cock. He stands and strokes it as we get a glimpse just beneath his low hangers swing in tune to his cock as he jerks off.

Eddie then gets on the couch to continue to work that cock while putting that stellar bod on display. He puts his arm behind his head, showing off his sexy pit as he works that cock. Every muscle writhes as he lies on the floor working his cock closer to climax. It isn’t long before his body starts to tense up as Eddie’s nuts pull up tight around the base of his shaft. Eddie grunts as his cock unloads blast after thick blast of cum allover his cock and abs.

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Kyler Benz strokes his curved cock

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Kyler Benz

Kyler Benz is making his debut with us here on Circle Jerk Boys and we couldn’t be happier to welcome this hung 22 year old hottie from the ATL. It’s not hard to tell he’s from the south with that sexy twang you hear as soon as he starts to speak. The rest you just have to see for yourself.

Kyler makes it home and finally gets some relief from the heat. It doesn’t take him long at all to realize he’s wearing way too much. He drops his pants and finds he’s already at half mast. He starts to caress his smooth chest with one hand and his cock, which is now sticking out of his boxers, with the other.

He’s got a sweet dick on him and at full mast it’s about 7.5″, cut with a slight curve to the left. Kyler keeps his bush trimmed neat and his balls are smooth and hangin’ low. Kyler’s got quite the package on him and a sweet furry bubble butt to boot.

Kyler gets comfortable on the couch as he spreads his legs and pays attention to his boner. He raises his ass off the couch as he jacks off. This gives his fingers access to that hairy hole. He starts to explore as he fingers that sweet hole. He slips a finger inside as he continues to jack his cock that is now aching for release.

He rocks back and forth fingering his hungry hole as he arches his back wanting to grind that finger further inside. Kyler moans in ecstasy as he works the head of his cock sending him over the edge and his load flying. The first couple blasts splatter on his smooth chest; as the rest of the reinforcements drench his abs and navel.

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Straight boy Brandon Hart jerks his uncut cock

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Brandon Hart jerks his uncut cock

If you like your straight boys nervous, Brandon Hart is your lad. When he talks it’s hard to hear due to his mumbled whisper, and his laughs are all timid. Plus this is no chatty Cathy model. Keeps all his responses to monosyllables at best. He shouldn’t be uneasy because he has the goods. Cute face, killer abs, a beautiful uncut cock and a backside that needs loving.

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