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Cute twink strokes his thick cock

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Brycen Cox solo for BoyzParty

It all has to start somewhere and digging in the archives, we discovered the original audition on 18 year old Chicago who came to be known as Brycen Cox. This was one “barely legal” sensation the BoyzParty team eager and happy to welcome to the family of hotties . Brycen is 6′ tall, weighs about 140 lbs. and has brown eyes.

Oh, and let’s be sure to mention a very respectable, and very thick 8″ beauty of a dick. “I guess it helps that I have a big dick”, Brycen cooed. “Together with being horny 24/7 “, he laughed. Brycen admitted that he’s secretly been a fan of all things porn for a few years and could not wait until he turned 18 to pursue his interest in being a model.

“Yeah, I really want to try this out and see where it takes me. I’m hot, right? And I’m good at sex. I love sucking, fucking, rimming… just about everything. And I especially loooove big thick dicks. I love taking big ones”, he boasted.

So, we’re going to pop in the porn, roll the cameras and see if he puts his money, and that big cock, where his mouth is, figuratively. “Haha, I’ll show you what I can do with my mouth, you guys. Bring it on!”. As you will see from Brycen’s other stellar performances, he more than got the job and always gets the job done!

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Lukas works his ass

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When Lukas Wayne arrived at the studio, he packed a big smile, a big bulge, a big backpack, and nothing else. Inside his bag, this British import toted a big red dildo from across the pond and the minute he picked it up, his long, thick uncut dick came to life.

First just staring at it, then licking, then swallowing, Lukas got out of his clothes and after spending a few moments docking with his foreskin, he was pushing the head of the dildo on his rosebud until it started to disappear.

Working the big toy in and out by ramming it in, sitting on it, and finally, laying on his back with his legs braced against the wall, he forced the rest of it inside, which propelled a massive self facial that left his very happy face dripping in his own spooge.

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