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Ari returns for another stroke show

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Ari jerks off for Spunk Worthy

Ari admitted that he was a little nervous for his first time on camera. Apparently, once he tried jacking off for the world to see it was more of a turn-on than he thought it might be. He even went home and told a handful of friends about the experience.

Ari called up shortly after his last shoot to see about doing it again. I certainly wasn’t going to say no. His sexy eyes just drive me crazy. Of course, the rest of the package ain’t so bad either.

He was having a little fun during the shoot and playing to the camera, stroking his cock nice and slow for the close-up shots. I think there’s an exhibitionist side to him that we’re getting to witness as he discovers it himself!

Ari’s grand finale was hot. His free hand rubbed up and down his body while he stroked his cock. His balls started tightening up and he moaned in pleasure as spurt after spurt of cum shot out onto his stomach.

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Straight marine Ari jerks off

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Ari at SpunkWorthy

Ari is 21 years old and a solid 6′ 2″ tall. He’s from a small, conservative town in the Mountain States and before enlisting with the Marines he was an all-around jock in high school.

He’s still getting used to living in a bigger city, but taking every chance he gets to satisfy the “adrenaline junkie” in him. When I approached him about dropping his pants on camera he hardly hesitated saying yes.

“I was kind of nervous at first,” he admitted. “My friends all think I’m nuts, but none of them were surprised that I decided to do this.” With a body like his, and a killer smile to top it off, I’m certainly glad he did.

Knowing he was coming in for his first porn shoot, Ari didn’t plan too well and had jacked off the night before. But judging from the pool of cum he left on his stomach, it didn’t seem to matter too much!

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Straight marine Grant

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Straight marine Grant

Grant is a small-town Texas boy who got a free trip to San Diego, courtesy of the Marines. He’s 25 years old which was a bit of a surprise to me. I think his baby face makes him look younger.

Grant was a bit soft-spoken and seemed a little on the reserved side so, to break the ice, I asked him if being in porn was something he’d been thinking about for a while. “Actually,” he said, “I never thought I’d be doing something like this. I’m kind of shy. My brother didn’t believe me when I told him.”

That’s right. He told his brother. And he’s interested, too.

It’s very refreshing (not to mention HOT!) to see a guy as hairy as Grant not trim it all off. I told him a lot of members of the site like hairy dudes and that he might have a few fans. That, of course, made him blush a little.

Apparently, Grant’s not too shy. He didn’t have any problem keeping his dick hard. And since he had saved up a few days beforehand, there was plenty of cum covering his hand and pubes by the end.

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Hot US Marine jerks off

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Lane jerks off at SpunkWorthy

Lane has been wanting to be in porn for years. When he got the chance to do a shoot for SpunkWorthy, apparently, he told more than a couple friends about it. One of them even offered to drop him off for the shoot and was waiting outside the whole time. “I’ve been kind of bragging about it,” he admits.

Since joining the Marines, Lane has become a full-fledged gym fanatic. And it’s definitely paid off. You could bounce a quarter off his abs. In addition to the tight bod, Lane has a really long dick. 7 1/2 inches, in fact. Lane packs a wallop of a cumshot, too. He squirts a load that lands clear up his chest and covers his stomach in military jizz.

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Brent fucks a FleshJack

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Brent has never used a sex toy before, preferring, in his words, “My own hand, or a real pussy.” When I showed him the FleshJack and asked if he’d want to give a whirl, he stuck his fingers inside and immediately gave an enthusiatic YES!

As he slides the FleshJack down his cock for the first time, the look of amazement on Brent’s face is priceless. “Oh my god. This feels just like the real thing,” he says.

Brent starts exploring different ways of playing with it and teasing the head of his dick. Then, standing up, does a side-by-side comparison next to his dick and it’s a pretty close match in length.

After bending over for some hip-thrusting fucking, Brent lies back on the couch and, with a 2-handed grip, starts really going to town. He pulls the FleshJack off at the last second and he shoots a thick load that lands all the way up his chest.

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Hot blond rubs one out

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Ian is a 20 year old, straight, and going to college in So Cal. His lean physique and height might seem better adapted for other sports, but he actually plays football for his school team.

He seems a little reserved during our pre-shoot chat, but don’t let that fool you. Once his clothes come off, the inner pornstar was unleashed. He mentioned that his girlfriend might be interested in seeing this video, so maybe he put on an extra good show for her. Luckily, we get to enjoy it, too!

Ian must have saved up for a couple days ‘cos he blew a damn big load. It flew everywhere! Let’s just say I had to spend some time afterward cleaning up the carpet.

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