I first laid eyes on Diego while doing bench presses at the gym—and when he walked by me on his way to the leg press, I almost dropped my barbell. (this why you should always have someone spot you!) Diego has the kind of looks that can stop traffic. He is so naturally handsome, naturally sexy, and so UN-naturally aware of it all. Heads turn and jaws drop—whether gay or straight—whenever he’s around. Only he never seems to notice!

Over the course of a few weeks, I saw Diego regularly and was trying to get a handle on what team he bats for when one day when his girlfriend came to pick him up. That answered my question! Still, he didn’t seem to mind being looked at by men. He caught me a number of times checking out his muscular, adorably fuzzy body, even in the shower! Although fairly shy, he seemed to appreciate the attention, giving me a warm little smile.

Eventually I got up the nerve to ask Diego to do a scene for us. And lucky me, he said yes! Watching his scene, you can tell he’s not a seasoned “pro”, but you would have to agree that his shyness and lack of ego just add to his charm. He confided in me that he didn’t consider himself so attractive and wondered who would want to watch him stroke his meat in front of a camera. A better question is… Who wouldn’t?

In this one-on-one environment, he was—unlike at the gym—very responsive to spectator enthusiasm and seemed to know intuitively when he was doing something I liked, and he would become much more comfortable, his legs would spread wider, his dick would get harder. He especially seemed to like straddling over my camera. Maybe he could tell that being under him was my favorite place be!

Being alone with Diego, the hours fly like minutes (he has that effect on a clock!), and before I knew it, he had shot his load and was putting his clothes on to leave. I made him promise to come back again and show us more, and he said yes in his polite little voice. In the meantime, at least I get to see him back at the gym, flexing his muscles and helping people flex theirs, as I’m sure you will when you watch his scene! Occasionally, I catch his eye during a workout, and when no one’s looking, we exchange a knowing wink!

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