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Sheridan jerks his beautiful uncut cock

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Sheridan works his uncut cock

“I love teaching little kids how to snowboard,” he said. “Although they can be really annoying sometimes.” Snowboarding is his passion. He’s been doing it since he was a little kid himself. “The sense of freedom out on the snow…” he said. “It’s incredible.”

Sheridan was not shy at all. Even though he looks reserved and quiet, he’s not. It didn’t take him long to get out of his clothes and the first thing he wanted to show us was his foreskin. “I love having foreskin!” he said. “I can stretch it out pretty far!” He proceeded to demonstrate, pulling it out and sticking his fingers inside.

“I have a sensitive spot on my foreskin,” he said quietly. “The inside is pretty sensitive when you play with it!”

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Straight muscle stud Stu jerks off

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Muscle stud Stu jerks off for Sean Cody

Stu is 19 years old and he’s definitely the epitome of “easy going.” He was a little quiet when we first met, but within twenty minutes he was talking and laughing like we were old friends.

Stu loves to stay active. In fact, he says that he needs to be doing something different all the time. Currently he’s working at a gym. “I work at the front desk,” he said. “I basically greet people when they come in.”

In the summer months he also works as a lifeguard. “I’ve been a lifeguard since I was 16,” he said. “I love it.” He doesn’t know what he wants to do in the future, but he has a few possibilities. “A skydiving instructor,” he said. “Or teaching little kids to ride dirt bikes. Something active…”

I was really surprised when Stu got naked for us. He has a super nice, muscular torso, hot hairy legs, and a really beautiful cock!

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Straight lifeguard Gareth jerks off

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Gareth jerks off for Sean Cody

Gareth is a 19-year-old lifeguard. “How many people have you saved?” “I have about a dozen saves,” he replied proudly. “Maybe a little more.” “Now, do you work at a pool or at the beach?” “Both,” he said. “Beach in the summer, pool in the winter.”

“Are you one of those lifeguards who likes to strut around, flexing your abseverywhere?” “Oh yeah,” he laughed. “Absolutely!” Gareth was a swim star in high school. He apparently even had a fan club!

“It was a group of girls I went to school with,” he explained. “They came to all of my meets.” When he’s not lifeguarding, he does some personal training on the side. “I like to stay busy,” he said…

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Reid jerks off for Sean Cody

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Sean Cody

“When did you decide to grow a beard?” “About six months ago,” Reid replied. “I was feeling lazy, didn’t feel like shaving for a week… and then I liked it!” “Well, it looks good on you,” I said. “It matches the rest of your body!” “Yeah, I guess,” he said with a chuckle.

“So,” I asked, “when did you start getting hairy?” “Early,” he replied. “It was actually kind of embarrassing at first. In gym class, I’d always be on the ‘skins’ team somehow.” “You didn’t like it?” “Well, I had a hairy chest and everyone else had nothing.” “Yeah,” I said, “I guess as a kid you don’t want to be different.” “Exactly!”

Well, his chest hair totally works now. He’s got a lean, nicely muscled, swimmer’s build and he’s pretty hairy!

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Pierce jerks off for Sean Cody

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Pierce solo at Sean Cody

Pierce recently got out of the Marines. He had done his four year stint and decided it was time for something new. “It was the best and worst time of my life,” he said. “Did people know you were gay when you were in there?” “A couple did, yes,” he said.

He had already told us he is gay… bisexual, actually. He said he is still seeing girls here and there, but… “More guys than girls, probably,” he confessed. “What do you like more about guys than girls?” “They’re easy to read,” he said. “Easy to please. We think on the same level.”

He knows what he wants! We had him soap up in the shower and he told us about his gym locker room fantasy — meeting a hot guy in the shower and getting “rough!”

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Sport jock Rudy jerks off

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Sean Cody jock Rudy

Rudy is finishing his last year in college. He was the quarterback on his football team — you can tell by his follow through when he throws the ball around. He grew up in small town in the mid west and considers himself an all-around decent, quiet kind of guy. He’s very striking at first sight. He stands 6’3″ tall, is 210 pounds solid, and is very well built. And even though he’s only 23 he is very mature in his demeanor.

He was very excited about being here. Whenever I get a guy who is a little on the conservative side, I’m always curious about why they want to be naked for the camera.

“Something new,” he replied confidently. “I am always looking for something new.”

“Are you nervous or are you excited?”

“Probably a little bit of both. I guess I don’t know what to expect but I am excited!”

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