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Southern country boy jerks off

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Cash Walker for Southern Strokes

Cash Walker is the reason that I love Southern Country boys. Cash contacted us and immediately won us over with his unfiltered open minded attitude especially when it cums to his sexual adventures.

When Cash showed up at the Ranch, he walked in like he had been here 100 times. Cash was naked within an hour of being at the Ranch and he was ready to have a little fun. I wasn’t going to get in his way so we decided to sit him down and let the cameras do the rest.

Cash pulls out his big fat rock hard cock and slowly works it as his other hand explores his hot hole. Cash’s nut sack got tighter with every stroke as he build up a healthy serving of country cum. His nuts start to overflow as his cock starts to leak his juice.

Cash worked his cock for a good while until he couldn’t hold off any more. He leaned back and sent a stream of thick country cum straight down the middle of his chest and abs. I can’t wait to see Cash drill a tight hole with his fat country cock.

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Xavier Daniels jerks off

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Xavier Daniels

I had been talking with Xavier for quite a while especially because we share the same passion for things line motor-cycles, boats, Trucks and anything that goes fast. Xavier decided that he would bring his bike up one afternoon and ride around the Ranch. Of course I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to live out one of my fantasies and have Xavier yank one out for us after riding.

Xavier was really nervous when he first arrived but he is the kind of guy that isn’t gonna let you see him sweat. He is laid back and cool as a cucumber. As Xavier likes to put it “I have a voice and I know how to use it”. Xavier took off his shirt and went for a ride while we all grabbed our cameras and followed his every move. Xavier finally pulled up onto a dirt mound and slipped off his bike and relaxed in the Texas heat.

Xavier is 5’9” tall with a set of washboard abs, long dark hair and a laid back surfer type attitude. Don’t let Xavier’s laid back attitude fool you. Once he dropped his pants and started stroking his cock, it didn’t take long before his legs started trembling. Xavier sat back and put his head on his bike’s seat as he pumped his throbbing cock faster and faster.

Xavier let out a gasp as he shot a thick stream of cum all over his sweaty abs. Xavier really looked relieved as if he had just expelled some poisonous snake venom out of his tool. Xavier let us all know that he is definitely open to hooking up with another boy so we are gonna hold him to it.

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Hairy jock Josh Long jerks off

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Southern Strokes

Take a good look at our latest Southern Stud to visit the Ranch. Josh Long had a long trip out to the Ranch so he was the last of the boys to arrive for the weekend. We were all hanging out on the porch when Josh rolled up at about 10 pm; got out of his car; strolled over to the porch in a pair of baller shorts and a wife beater and said “I need a shower”. He might only be 5’6” tall but everyone immediately that this stud was for real.

Take a good look at this gorgeous masculine man and it’s hard to believe that his is only 19. That is until he gives you that little giggle and he brings you back to what might be the hottest thing about Josh. His laid back southern charm with just the right amount of confidence and swagger. There is so much packed into Josh that it’s hard to take it all in.

Let’s start with Josh’s masculine face; he’s gonna give you that killer smile of his and you will immediately drop to your knees and do whatever he asks. If you manager to make it to his hairy chest and stomach, you will notice Josh’s soft olive complexion beneath a main of soft black hair. Don’t worry; it just keeps getting better as we drop below Josh’s waist to a beautiful cut cock and a perfectly round hairy hole.

We captured Josh’s shower because we just couldn’t stay away but we didn’t expect him to sit down and jerk one out for us. Josh stroked his long cut cock as he smiled and giggled at all the new found attention he was getting. Josh surprised us all when he threw his head back and shot a thick creamy load all over his carpeted stomach. I have a feeling that we will be seeing a lot more of Josh Long.

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Robbie Cross solo for Southern Strokes

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Robbie Cross jerks off

Take a listen to the interview and you will know where I found Robbie Cross. Let’s just say he was swinging (literally) at one of my favorite waterin holes. Robbie is everything about a Hot Southern Boy that you would dream about. He is 5’5” tall with a lean gymnast build, a perfect ass and a huge uncut tool swinging between his legs.

I of course invited Robbie to cum and visit me at the Ranch so that I could share him with the rest of my Southern Strokes’ Faithful. Robbie showed up and pretty much immediately got naked. He was sitting on the counter buck naked stroking his big uncut cock and talking to me like we were sittin out front the general store drinkin a pop.

I finally clued in and shut up and let him yank one out for us right there. Robbie had already made himself semi-hard so as soon as the cameras started rolling, Robbie picked up the pace. He worked his giant piece of meat with both hands as he punched his hips forward on every stroke. Robbie’s little hands on the great big thing just made his cock look even more massive.

Robbie started exploring his ass with his free hand which sent this country boy to another level. He arched his back like a good lil bottom as he finger fucked his moist hole. Robbie tugged on his shaft harder and harder as his love sac slapped against his precious ass. Robbie finished things off with a shot to his chest of gooey man batter.

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Johnny C jerks off in the bathroom

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Johnny woke up real early on our second day there and came into my room and asked if he could take a bath. Of course I wasn’t going to argue about starting off my day with a hot naked boy playing naked in my bathtub. I immediately woke up the crew and gathered up the equipment and filled Johnny’s bath up with warm water. I can still close my eyes and remember watching Johnny dropping his pajama bottoms revealing his morning wood.

Johnny laid back in the bath and explored his body with his hands. His hands made their way down to his tight hairy hole and his fingers explored inside. Johnny stroked his hard cut cock so violently as he bit his lips and moaned. Johnny likes it ruff and he can take it just as well as dish it out. Johnny sat on the back of the tub and flexed his entire body as he worked his cock until he sprayed his chest with cum.

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Hot straight boy jerks off

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Jason is certainly not a shy boy when it comes to his sexual pleasures. He isn’t a stranger to taking his clothes off for the cameras either. I really liked the pictures that Jason had sent us with his model application but I wasn’t prepared for how hot he was going to be standing in front of me. Jason has a gorgeous face, toned body, hot cock and an amazing ass; everything you would want in a fuck buddy. As hot as Jason’s face and body is, Jason’s biggest attribute just might be his playful personality. Jason is definitely smart and he loves to let loose and enjoy sex.

He is always up for pretty much anything and everything. When Jason showed up I immediately took a liking to him. I am not real sure exactly what it is but there is something about Jason that just makes him incredibly sexy. He is 24 but he has this naturally smooth boyish skin that makes you just want to run your tongue up and down every inch of his body. He really knows how to turn on the charm too. Jason took off his clothes pretty quickly and started to stroke his hard cock. He bent over and gave us a nice long show of his tight hole. I could watch him pucker his ass up all day. Jason works his cock over with long hard strokes that just look so erotic. I was so happy when Jason finally exploded all over his stomach because I couldn’t take much more.

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