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Sloan jerks off for Chaosmen

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Sloan jerks off for Chaosmen

Sloan is a country boy, as evidenced by his thick Southern drawl. His body is lean and long, just like his cock. He is kind of a dude of few words. Kind of shy to start with, but he has a naughty side, and he really liked showing off for the camera.

He wasn’t down for doing a Serviced video on his first visit, but I know he said he had fun, and wants to come back to do more. Pretty sure he will be back. For now though, enjoy his solo. He certainly did!

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Jamie at Chaosmen

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Jamie is a friend of one of the scouts that sends me potential models. Not wanting to mix friendship with work, the two never really talked about him doing some adult modeling. I don’t know if the economy just got bad, or they both had an epiphany about Jamie  doing a solo for me, but I am glad they did. I was assured Jamie was a super nice guy, and wow… he really is. Very calm, self-assured, not cocky…beautiful eyes. Dreamy.

We did his photos and I often don’t  tell the models how to style themselves, but I definitely wanted to style up his hair for the video. It was amazing how for the photos he has this kind of a standard generic hair cut. So with only a small amount of product, I pushed his hair up off his forehead, and his look totally changed. I was surprised at how thick and wavy his hair was.

Which leads me to his body hair, which he grew out just for us. I think he has the perfect amount of body hair and he just looks like a dude to me. He was very natural for the photos and the video, he performed like a pro. His feet were cold, so we kept his socks on, to which I thought maybe the foot fetish (or sock fetish) crowd might like the nod to their favorite thing.

I wish I could say Jamie will be back. He pretty much knows the score about what kind of scenes he would be doing, and I think doing the solo helped him out of tight spot.  I would love to have him back for more, but we might have to wait for a financial need before seeing him. I loved working with him, and I think it shows in both the photos and videos.

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Heath strokes his delicious cock

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I think Heath is one of those guys who was just waiting to turn 18 so he could do porn. For his small body frame (heck, even for a larger frame!) he’s packin’ a lot of meat, and eager to show it off. He’s very confident, perhaps cocky about it, but he’s young, hung, and very cute, so let’s give him a pass.

Thankfully his exhibitionist side serves him (and us!) well, as he plays to the cameras and tempts you to stroke his cock. He’s real good at talking under his breath, encouraging us to come take a taste. He does jerk-off pretty fast, but wow, what a nice nut, and that ass is begging to be eaten.

He will be back. He thinks he can fuck a dude, so we will give that a try eventually. My gut tells me he will do more as he gets comfortable. But first, I think I will see how he does being orally Serviced!

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Chaosmen brings us Miles!

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Miles is a laid back country boy, who had just gotten a new puppy, so we needed to move quickly through his shoot cuz his puppy needed to be let out after a couple hours. He still seemed very relaxed and had lots of fun showing off for the camera.

Miles probably hears it on occasion, but I think he looks like a grown-up Haley Joel Osment (‘I see dead people’ fame), toss in a dash of Edward Norton and you have one cute guy!

Miles is straight and I never got a chance to see if he wanted to come back and do more interactive stuff. He seem open-minded, so if you guys like him I will for sure ask him to come on back. But I think he just needed some quick cash to pay for his new puppy!

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Ian gets serviced

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Yes! I have found another amazing cock sucker! I was so pleased to see Elliott with Ceasar and the sensual energy that he brought to the action.
Now he is a local boy, and am I ever glad, because his first Serviced video has all the things that I look for. Though Ian has let a few mature men suck his dick, he really was fairly nervous, but acting like he wasn’t.

While editing the video, I thought he looked a little uncomfortable, but then realized he was just close to busting most of the time. Elliott does an amazing job rimming and showcasing Ian’s hole.

I even left in my “direction” to go ahead and make him bust and I think in about a minute, Ian was writhing around squirting DNA everywhere. I know this video is about Ian, but wow, Elliott has got skills!

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Kyle’s solo jerk off movie

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Kyle is a former fitness and physique model, who many years ago, also did some adult video work.

He’d retired from the physique industry, moving on to his own business, and away from the porn hub in LA. He has been out of the gym for quite some time, but I guess he was still itchin’ to show off his body, and well, I think jerkin-off on camera is fun for him.

He’s one of the few guys I couldn’t get to grow back his pubes. As a former body builder he was pretty insistent on keeping himself smooth. So please don’t write me- I tried! Kyle’s solo is very confident and leisurely as he felt comfortable showcasing his body and dick. He tops the video with an incredibly explosive cumshot!

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