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Manny Cortez jerks his uncut cock

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Manny Cortez for Randy Blue

Manny Cortez looks at you with his big brown eyes. They enthrall you and you find yourself unable to look away. You could stare at his handsome face all day but it is just the staring point because soon you find your eyes drifting like the water droplets cascading down his muscular body in a hot steamy shower. His strong hairy legs are a stunning contrast to his smooth, chiseled chest.

It gives him the look of a mythical satyr, a creature of incredible sexual energy. As you shower next to him you get the feeling he wants you to look at his magnificent body. He slowly and seductively runs his hands over every muscle, making sure you see it in the best possible way.

His thick delicious cock, hard from whatever fantasy is running through his mind, is practically waiting for you to take it all into your mouth. He wraps his hand around it and starts stroking up and down the shaft. Is he working towards a climax or just getting ready for you.

You take just a moment to wonder this but before you can even approach he teases you by turning around and flashing that gorgeous ass of his. For today he is giving you a show, working his cock until he shoots his sticky load all over his hand. But when he goes, he leaves you with the feeling that next time it will be your turn.

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Muscle jock Mark Canon jerks off

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Mark Canon for Randy Blue

Mark Canon smiles and your heart melts.  He’s got the handsomest face, one moment bright and laid back and the next sultry and seductive.  Watch as he flexes his incredible bicep and runs his hands along his smooth torso and your cock will spring to attention.  A bit of an exhibitionist, Mark works hard on sculpting his body and loves to show it off.

Not content to sit still and work just his cock, he loves very inch of himself and you will too.  He’ll playfully rub and squeeze a nipple then cradle his balls in his hand before reaching up to gently stroke the shaft of his gorgeous dick.

Then he lifts his leg high in the air to get the best access to his hole, which he teases with a finger, softly moaning with pleasure.  And if you’re watching this debut solo by this incredibly hot smooth muscle jock, wishing you were on your knees worshiping his delicious cock, keep watching.  You’re really gonna love the ending.

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Donnie jerks his thick cock

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Donnie hasn’t been getting a lot of free time lately because hes attending law school here in Los Angeles. He plans on becoming a corporate lawyer one day, and doing everything he can to fight corruption within the system. I just want to get into his legal briefs. Hes a very smart guy who has an untapped wild side.

He tells me that he hasnt gotten much action lately because hes had his nose in the books. You can tell by his thick, hard cock how horny he is. His dick is aching to blow a load with another guy. Perhaps youre the one to coax him away from his studies and into a hot scene.

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Brett gets all wet

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What can I say about Brett Swanson?  This 21 year old stud may look all sweet and innocent but he’s got an amazing sexual energy.  He’s not new to the adult industry and loves showing off his body.  We had talked about a few different scenarios that we could do for his first Randy Blue video and at some point in the conversation the subject of jerking off in the shower came up. 

Everyone does it, and when you watch him working his cock while sitting on the floor you can practically feel the cold tiles under your own naked ass. You share with him the experience of trying to get your body comfortable enough so you can concentrate solely on the pleasure your dick is feeling

Brett has an intensity about him that you can’t help but notice.  I love the way his face flushes as he jerks himself, and the way his lips open allowing breathy moans to escape.  He’s got a great build and the droplets of water glistening on his smooth skin highlight how beautiful his body is.  And when he comes, the soft moaning that accompanies the thick ropes of jizz shooting out of his cock make for the perfect ending to an amazing Randy Blue debut.

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Travis James at Randy Blue

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It was a warm evening in February. The kind of night you’d expect to need a jacket but in pure Los Angeles form the boys in Weho were in shorts and tank tops and I was sitting on a patio bar sipping a long island iced tea like I was on vacation and taking in the view.

Cody Fallon was wandering by with a friend and they stopped at the railing to chat. His name was Travis James and he was absolutely adorable. We started with some small talk and when he said he used to suck his own dick I invited the two of them to sit down.

We had a great time and Travis started asking all kinds of questions to both Cody and I about modeling, as if he was too shy to approach the subject in the past but now had full license to do so. We laughed about mishaps that happened on the set and talked about times where Cody started the day thinking only about work but ended up having some of the best sexual experiencesof his life.

Finally, Cody looked at Travis and asked why he hadn’t tried it. Travis looked shyly at both of us and said he’d thought about it but never thought he could. In a ballsy move I told him to take off his shirt right then and there. I figured if he blushed and said no he might not be the right guy, but without missing a beat he whipped it off and I offered him a job.

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Malachi gets off with a FleshJack

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There is just something about Malachi Marx.  No matter what I throw at him he takes it like a champ and just keeps getting better and better.  Of course, getting to have your first onscreen blowjob from Reese Rideout is hardly a chore.  And getting to mess around with Will Vega was just plan fun.  So when I wanted to see Malachi try some new things he was more than ready. 

I gave him a Fleshjack to play with because I knew his cock would be needing some attention and this would do the trick.  And it sure did. I gave him the clear one so you could see his cock in all it’s shiny lubed-up glory both flapping in the breeze and as it plunged deep inside the plastic pleasure toy.  Soon he was ready to spray his entire chest with his sticky juices.

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