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Jherrad jerks off at Fierce Dog

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Jherrad solo

Fierce Dog

Jherrad jerks off

Jherrad jerks off at Fierce Dog

Something tells me this wasn’t Jherrad first time in front of a camera. Could it be the hot strip tease he unleashes, feeling up his body as clothes drop off one at a time. Leading to a free-balling hard cock begging for attention?

This slut goes to work on that cock, working up such a sweat on his tight bod he didn’t need any lube to open up his ass cheeks and play with that sweet hole. And no show is complete without streams of cum flying through the air at the end.


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Trevor at Southern Strokes

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Southern Strokes

I found Trevor hanging out at the Mall in Cobb County.  He was dressed a little rough but he had this look about him that I just knew he had a wild side.  Trevor is a life guard at the local pool and tells story after story about having to hide his hard cock while he is working.  He just loves talking about sex and especially about his many conquests.

As soon as he arrived at the house for the shoot, he immediately got naked.  Before I could say anything, he said “don’t worry it gets big”.  It looked plenty big to me but man was he right.  Next thing I knew, he is standing there with almost 8 inches rock hard and perfectly straight.

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Max Damon’s jerk off movie

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You Love Jacl

Max Damon

Max Damon strokes his cock

Home made gay porn

Max is bare-ass naked when the video starts and it looks good on him! Turns out this cute-as-fuck small town dude is a practicing nudist so who are we to argue?

After some quick fiddling with the camera, Max flops back on the couch and makes himself comfortable. Everthing is on display at this point and his body is tight and athletic but with a natural physique that begs to be licked!

Perfect creamy white skin covers his muscular frame and the whole package is topped off with his killer cute smile and piercing blue eyes. Before you know it his cock is rock hard and reaching for the sky.

He stares quietly at himself as he gently strokes his 6.5 inch rod and rolls his unusually large testicles back and forth in his palm. There’s something quirky and adorable about his innocent good looks that’s fueled by the devilish grin the peels across his face. Oh ya, he’s a dirty one.

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Kevin and Andy fuck at Bareback101

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bareback fuck

Bare ass rimming

Bareback boys

Bare ass fuck

bareback 101 movie

These two hot young guys meet in the woods for some hot 1-on-1 action. They take turns sucking one another then they take it bare up the ass.

Bareback101 is the one and only bareback site that really matters. Be sure to check out this and other hi-definition movies at Bareback101. Enjoy!

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Well hung Joey fucks Rylan

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Joey and Rylan

Sean Cody

Sean Cody full length movie

Joey fucks Rylan

“I’m taking it today,” Rylan said as we were driving toward my place in the car. “I’m not used to that so yeah…”

Of course, the conversation immediately turned to dick size and Rylan was really curious about how long Joey is.

“I don’t that’s going to be the biggest issue here,” Joey said, smiling and chewing gum. “Because I’m really wide.”

“Oh, shit,” Rylan said, laughing. Of course what Joey failed to mention was his massive butt muscles and legs that were going to be thrusting that thickness up into Rylan’s asshole!

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