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Dakota back at Varsity Men

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We shot Dakota the first time a few months ago and really thought he was a turn on. As it worked out, he managed to spend a weekend at our place and really proved what a versatile young man he really is… (Sadly not for the cameras!)

So we took the opportunity to shoot him again. He’s a pleasure to shoot and after the weekend, we gained a special admiration for his very hot butt!

Check out Dakota in the full length movie at Varsity Men.

Tucker jerks off

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Tucker is our Big Dicked Mountain Man from West Virginia. And he is Rough and Rugged in more ways than one.

He can be found Going Down the not so familiar path from time to time just to try something new. It seems that’s how he ended up here with us. Were all really glad that Tucker is Adventurous.

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Bisexual Jason solo

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Fierce Dog

Bisexual Jason

Jason solo at Fierce Dog

Jason showed up wearing some hot athletic cloths. Being more skate/punk I thought this was hot. He gets to the jerking off really quick. After a few minuets he flips to a doggy style position and you can see his huge banging balls slapping back and forth as he works his cock over. It is hard to notice that he has a really hot hole.

He loves showing this off. Strange for a bi guy. I guess he knew what I wanted to see. He works out a nice load onto his ripped abs.

Check out the full length movie over at Fierce Dog.

Fratmen Mason shows off

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Fratmen Mason

College boy jerks off

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He hails from North Carolina and loves surfing the breaks (can you imagine him in a tight wetsuit), long boarding, and long walks on the beach (Just Kidding). He makes a great addition to the Fratmen stable.

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