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Tristan Bull is back

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Tristan Bull is back and his horns are hard and ready. He decides to have a nice relaxing playful session in the hot tub. This guy’s cock is gorgeous especially when submerged underwater.

He strokes his long shaft in the hot tub to warm up his hard dick. After the refreshing hot water he takes his lovely cock and balls into the house where a porno magazine awaits and finishes with a big load all over his chest.

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Tyson strokes his 7 incher

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Tyson works hard for his money but when he’s finished a day’s work, he really just wants to chill and not exert himself too much. But up until 2 years ago Tyson regularly exerted himself a lot as a boxer and also “ultimate” fighter just for fun. So it may come as a surprise to you that this tough guy’s girlfriend is not exactly what you might expect.

Tyson puts up quite a show when he jerks his 7 inch cock and plays with his balls. He shoots his big juicy load allover his stomach.

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