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Hunky Scott jerks off

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Scott was feeling all horny and very cocky today; He was in love with his new “shades” which he wears for bits of the shoot and as his jeans come off he reveals his “superman boxers” which he had bought specially for the shoot! There is a nice looking bulge in them and as they come down you see its just he is a shower!

Luckily he is also a grower and his beautiful uncut cock is soon up to full steam as he pumps his way through the shoot! He loves showing off so he does some weight lifting half way through the shoot with a stiff cock!

Loads of posing later, a little ass showing and he sits down to cum; and what a cum shot, its probably his biggest cum shot I have seen, he downs his chest and spunks hits his chin at speed!

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Beautiful Jonathan jerks off

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Jonathan is a 23 year old psychotherapy major from Atlanta. Originally from Brazil, he has been in the South for the past 10 years. When he first contacted us, he said that he has always wanted to some naked filming. He is proud of all of the hard work he puts into maintaining a fit body.

When Jonathan showed up at the Lake House, I couldn’t take my eyes off of his handsome masculine face. Most of the boys I have met from Brazil seem to have this softness about them but not Jonathan. He has the perfect body to go with his Brazilian sexiness.

Jonathan was just a little shy at first but once he started talking about sex, he quickly loosened up and started to get down to business. It was a beautiful day at the Lake House so we decided to do the Photo and Video shoot outside. I think this really got Jonathan turned on even more.

Once Jonathan has his clothes off, he immediately wanted us to see his hot hairy ass. He said that he loved to play with it when he is jacking off in private but he was embarrassed for everyone to know it. Well he couldn’t hide it for long. Jonathan spends virtually the entire video with his legs in the air and his fingers in his tight hairy hold.

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Jeremy Roddick and Nathan Knox

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Nathan Knox is back on the site and is hornier than ever. And for an alleged straight boy, he sure knows how to make a man happy with his mouth. This time, he told me he would like to try new tricks in front of the camera: After seeing my big load with Ashton, he was determined to swallow it all.

Everybody knows I come a lot, and he knew too, but that didn’t stop him from taking it all. You’ll see, the ending is surprising!

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English lad strokes his uncut rod

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New lad Sam is a friend of another of our str8 lads and they two play football together! Sam is laid back and confident and strips off and enjoys showing off his body.

Small when soft it takes him about 25 seconds to get it up to fully hard and he just smiles and says “I haven’t played with it for a few days!” He gently caresses himself and has no problems showing off his hair free hole; in fact his whole body is smooth, except for those hairy legs!

After a bit of wanking Sam kneels and shoots lots of squirts in the air. Another happy lad.

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Jeremy jerks off at Corbin Fisher

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“Sex muscle”, as Jeremy calls it, is what I’ve always known as the “V-cut“. Funny enough, for as long as I’ve been filming guys in action and filming countless “v-cuts”, I’d never before heard of anyone calling it a “sex muscle”! It wasn’t until Jeremy mentioned it as he got naked and was talking about his body before jerking off that I had ever heard that term. You learn something new every day, I guess!

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