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Criss jerks off at the gym

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Ok all you Criss admirers. You can stop sending us emails now. After Criss’ locker scene came out several weeks ago, we have been inundated with requests for more. So we went back to the archives and found Criss working out in the gym the way only Criss can.

For overall hot, Criss is just unbeatable, in the rink, in the gym or where ever he goes. As for a duo scene, hope with us that some day he may see the light. LOL.

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Travis James at Randy Blue

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It was a warm evening in February. The kind of night you’d expect to need a jacket but in pure Los Angeles form the boys in Weho were in shorts and tank tops and I was sitting on a patio bar sipping a long island iced tea like I was on vacation and taking in the view.

Cody Fallon was wandering by with a friend and they stopped at the railing to chat. His name was Travis James and he was absolutely adorable. We started with some small talk and when he said he used to suck his own dick I invited the two of them to sit down.

We had a great time and Travis started asking all kinds of questions to both Cody and I about modeling, as if he was too shy to approach the subject in the past but now had full license to do so. We laughed about mishaps that happened on the set and talked about times where Cody started the day thinking only about work but ended up having some of the best sexual experiencesof his life.

Finally, Cody looked at Travis and asked why he hadn’t tried it. Travis looked shyly at both of us and said he’d thought about it but never thought he could. In a ballsy move I told him to take off his shirt right then and there. I figured if he blushed and said no he might not be the right guy, but without missing a beat he whipped it off and I offered him a job.

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Carter Nash jerks off

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Carter Nash is the newest hottie at CD247, and he is simply amazing. He has a lean, athletic body, a huge thick cock, and a great ass. On top of his good looks he has a high sex drive and knows how to charm. In this jerk-off vid, Carter gives us quite the show, stroking his thick cock, fucking his fists, and giving us a peek at his tight asshole. Carter really gets into the scene and works up quite a sweat, finishing with a nice load of cum all over his perfect six pack.

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