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Jarek jerks off

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Here is the latest release for, “Jarek”. It is an exlusive bonus content release. They will be featured in our collection that will be available to only members. Rest assured, we will still be providing our premiere HD exclusive weekly content, but now you will have access to amazing eastern European guys for your download and streaming enjoyment!

On a recent vacation to eastern Europe Drake discovered the hot and exotic guys that this part of the world had to offer. He made a couple of friends and connections when he was there and low and behold, he met another guy that liked filming hot boys just like we do. These guys are masculine, ripped and just plain hot. And Jarek is the first guy you get to see…

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Gianni jerks off

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I saw Gianni playing soccer in the park one hot, sweaty afternoon and I knew immediately that I needed to get my hands on him. It was tricky because the group he was playing with looked to be traditional, Latino men and I didn’t think he would appreciate my hitting on him in front of them. So when he broke off to use the public restroom, I waited outside to greet him at the drinking fountain.

He was hesitant to talk to me, but after running around with all those men I could sense his sexual frustration. When I offered to shoot him, he said that he had to be at work in a little bit but would call me later. To be honest, I was surprised when I received his call late that night. When he came over he was tired, but ready to go!

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