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Jonah Madison at College Dudes

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Jonah Madison was introduced to us by a friend, who is another model we work with. So after some initial conversations over a year ago, we finally got Jonah down to give us a show. Jonah is a hot blond Southern 20 year old with sex and sports on his mind constantly. In his solo he begins stroking his cock, and then shows us his hot asshole. Jonah spreading his ass is a sight to behold! After some ass-play, Jonah sits down and busts a nut.

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Diego strokes his uncut cock

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I first laid eyes on Diego while doing bench presses at the gym—and when he walked by me on his way to the leg press, I almost dropped my barbell. (this why you should always have someone spot you!) Diego has the kind of looks that can stop traffic. He is so naturally handsome, naturally sexy, and so UN-naturally aware of it all. Heads turn and jaws drop—whether gay or straight—whenever he’s around. Only he never seems to notice!

Over the course of a few weeks, I saw Diego regularly and was trying to get a handle on what team he bats for when one day when his girlfriend came to pick him up. That answered my question! Still, he didn’t seem to mind being looked at by men. He caught me a number of times checking out his muscular, adorably fuzzy body, even in the shower! Although fairly shy, he seemed to appreciate the attention, giving me a warm little smile.

Eventually I got up the nerve to ask Diego to do a scene for us. And lucky me, he said yes! Watching his scene, you can tell he’s not a seasoned “pro”, but you would have to agree that his shyness and lack of ego just add to his charm. He confided in me that he didn’t consider himself so attractive and wondered who would want to watch him stroke his meat in front of a camera. A better question is… Who wouldn’t?

In this one-on-one environment, he was—unlike at the gym—very responsive to spectator enthusiasm and seemed to know intuitively when he was doing something I liked, and he would become much more comfortable, his legs would spread wider, his dick would get harder. He especially seemed to like straddling over my camera. Maybe he could tell that being under him was my favorite place be!

Being alone with Diego, the hours fly like minutes (he has that effect on a clock!), and before I knew it, he had shot his load and was putting his clothes on to leave. I made him promise to come back again and show us more, and he said yes in his polite little voice. In the meantime, at least I get to see him back at the gym, flexing his muscles and helping people flex theirs, as I’m sure you will when you watch his scene! Occasionally, I catch his eye during a workout, and when no one’s looking, we exchange a knowing wink!

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Hot Amateur Boy jerks off

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Sometimes I get tired of watching regular porn, so Iwent to see some amateur porn. I was surfing one of my favorite amateur sites, when I came across this hot dude. He’s probably in his early 20’s and I am not sure if he submitted his photos and videos himself or if a pissed ex-boyfriend is to blame. Either way, I really enjoyed this hottie jerking his meaty cock. A perfect dick to sit on and ride it!

Boyfriend Nudes has a great collection of user-submitted porn and some of the guys are really hot! You can get a trial membership for just one dollar, so once in a while I join the site to see what’s new.

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Jamie at Chaosmen

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Jamie is a friend of one of the scouts that sends me potential models. Not wanting to mix friendship with work, the two never really talked about him doing some adult modeling. I don’t know if the economy just got bad, or they both had an epiphany about Jamie  doing a solo for me, but I am glad they did. I was assured Jamie was a super nice guy, and wow… he really is. Very calm, self-assured, not cocky…beautiful eyes. Dreamy.

We did his photos and I often don’t  tell the models how to style themselves, but I definitely wanted to style up his hair for the video. It was amazing how for the photos he has this kind of a standard generic hair cut. So with only a small amount of product, I pushed his hair up off his forehead, and his look totally changed. I was surprised at how thick and wavy his hair was.

Which leads me to his body hair, which he grew out just for us. I think he has the perfect amount of body hair and he just looks like a dude to me. He was very natural for the photos and the video, he performed like a pro. His feet were cold, so we kept his socks on, to which I thought maybe the foot fetish (or sock fetish) crowd might like the nod to their favorite thing.

I wish I could say Jamie will be back. He pretty much knows the score about what kind of scenes he would be doing, and I think doing the solo helped him out of tight spot.  I would love to have him back for more, but we might have to wait for a financial need before seeing him. I loved working with him, and I think it shows in both the photos and videos.

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Rick McCoy jerks off

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Rick McCoy hails from way up north, but he has a southern type of sizzle that makes him extra hot. Maybe it was his time in the Marines, or maybe he was just born a sexy stud who aims to please? At any rate, we loved watching Rick take off his shirt to reveal a beautiful chest and six pack, and when he started flexing his guns, we knew we were in for a real treat.

Once Rick starts jerking off, he almost loses himself in his show – breathing, moaning, sighing, and all the while slowly edging his fingers toward his pink hole. When he flips over to show us his ass, he starts going all-out, fingering himself and starting to moan even harder. We love the fact that such a macho tough guy can get this comfortable not only with nudity but with so much ass play. He must have enjoyed it as much as you all will, because he has an intense jerking orgasm to finish off this awesome video!

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