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Uncut amateur boy jerks off

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Hung amateur jerks off

From his piercing green eyes and beautiful face, to his perky uncut cock and hungry asshole… Jake Hall is the complete package!

He pulls out his uncut cock and wags it at the camera before pulling up his legs and spreading his cheeks to show off his tight little asshole. He works two fingers up his ass before stuffing it full of a transparent butt plug. His asshole clamps tight around his new best friend as he splatters a mess of cum all over his shirt then licks it clean like a good little bottom!

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Straight lifeguard Gareth jerks off

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Gareth jerks off for Sean Cody

Gareth is a 19-year-old lifeguard. “How many people have you saved?” “I have about a dozen saves,” he replied proudly. “Maybe a little more.” “Now, do you work at a pool or at the beach?” “Both,” he said. “Beach in the summer, pool in the winter.”

“Are you one of those lifeguards who likes to strut around, flexing your abseverywhere?” “Oh yeah,” he laughed. “Absolutely!” Gareth was a swim star in high school. He apparently even had a fan club!

“It was a group of girls I went to school with,” he explained. “They came to all of my meets.” When he’s not lifeguarding, he does some personal training on the side. “I like to stay busy,” he said…

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Kyler Benz strokes his curved cock

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Kyler Benz

Kyler Benz is making his debut with us here on Circle Jerk Boys and we couldn’t be happier to welcome this hung 22 year old hottie from the ATL. It’s not hard to tell he’s from the south with that sexy twang you hear as soon as he starts to speak. The rest you just have to see for yourself.

Kyler makes it home and finally gets some relief from the heat. It doesn’t take him long at all to realize he’s wearing way too much. He drops his pants and finds he’s already at half mast. He starts to caress his smooth chest with one hand and his cock, which is now sticking out of his boxers, with the other.

He’s got a sweet dick on him and at full mast it’s about 7.5″, cut with a slight curve to the left. Kyler keeps his bush trimmed neat and his balls are smooth and hangin’ low. Kyler’s got quite the package on him and a sweet furry bubble butt to boot.

Kyler gets comfortable on the couch as he spreads his legs and pays attention to his boner. He raises his ass off the couch as he jacks off. This gives his fingers access to that hairy hole. He starts to explore as he fingers that sweet hole. He slips a finger inside as he continues to jack his cock that is now aching for release.

He rocks back and forth fingering his hungry hole as he arches his back wanting to grind that finger further inside. Kyler moans in ecstasy as he works the head of his cock sending him over the edge and his load flying. The first couple blasts splatter on his smooth chest; as the rest of the reinforcements drench his abs and navel.

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