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Hot straight rugby player Kieran solo

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Kieran for The Full English

Straight rugby player Kieran from Northern Ireland has done two shoots for The Full English. This handsome stud has appeared on a semi-naked sports calender before, so he already had some experience with being naked in front of a camera.

Actually, Kieran is a bit of an exhibitionist; he loves attention and he doesn’t mind showing off his hot body. In his most recent shoot for The Full English, Kieran arrived with a very painful broken leg he sustained while playing rugby. The plaster is now off and he’s working on a new body for 2014, which we will see next year.

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Vinnie Mark strokes his big uncut cock

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Vinne Mark for You Love Jack

This uncut straight dude prefers fucking chicks but he keeps a couple of guys on the side. “I’ve got no problem doing guys, as long as they realize they’re getting fucked then getting out!”

Straight or not – Vinnie Mark is one sexy mother fucker! His rock hard uncut cock is poking at his pants and begging to be free so he pulls it out and shows off all 8 beautiful inches. Staring down at the camera with the devil in his eyes as he slowly works the foreskin up and over the sensitive skin of his cock head.

He pulls his legs up and slides a well-lubed finger up inside his asshole as his cock gets harder than hard. He sits back up and strips off his t-shirt before squirting a thick load of straight cum onto his tight belly. He considers the mess for a second then scoops it up and swallows it down with a smirk. Straight, huh?

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JP Dubois jerks his big uncut cock for Eurocreme

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JP Dubois jerks his uncut cock

Sexy hung stud JP Dubois is all alone in the countryside with no one around. As he soaks up some rays he finds himself growing increasingly horny and, with no one around, has to satisfy himself. Allowing his mind to wander, JP plays with his nipples and slips a hand inside his bulging undies. He starts stroking, teasing us at first, then showing us everything he’s got.

With his chair as a play thing, JP is soon on all fours, using spit for lube as he slides several fingers into his tight hole; no doubt wishing he had a big dick sliding inside him! Making the most out of the fact that he’s all alone with no one around for miles, JP spins around, lays upside down, and continues to wank. He tugs his balls as he pleasures himself, his cock delicious and mouth watering as he gives himself a facial with a load you just don’t want to miss!

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