The two new boys that I paired up with each other are Blake and Damien, and it just so happened that they called me the same day looking for work. I arranged for them both to come into the studio at the same time figuring that I could run through the paperwork together and possibly look at doing a casting couch shoot.

Blake was the 21 year old, gay boy that had the outspoken personality, while Damien was the 19 year old, straight boy motivated by money. After the paperwork was finished I moved them into the shoot room and decided that I would put them in front of the camera to see how they would react. I started with Blake, who seemed a little more open to the camera.

He explained that has had sex with girls, and does so just for the fun of it. When I asked if he was seeing anyone he said no, that he was available. As for Damien, he said that he was open to new experiences, and very broke which was what lead him to this kind of work. He does have a girlfriend, who has no idea what he was about to jump into. This was going to be both of their first time on camera.

Check out Broke Straight Boys and watch those two fresh new straight guys in the full length video.


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