Xavier Daniels

I had been talking with Xavier for quite a while especially because we share the same passion for things line motor-cycles, boats, Trucks and anything that goes fast. Xavier decided that he would bring his bike up one afternoon and ride around the Ranch. Of course I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to live out one of my fantasies and have Xavier yank one out for us after riding.

Xavier was really nervous when he first arrived but he is the kind of guy that isn’t gonna let you see him sweat. He is laid back and cool as a cucumber. As Xavier likes to put it “I have a voice and I know how to use it”. Xavier took off his shirt and went for a ride while we all grabbed our cameras and followed his every move. Xavier finally pulled up onto a dirt mound and slipped off his bike and relaxed in the Texas heat.

Xavier is 5’9” tall with a set of washboard abs, long dark hair and a laid back surfer type attitude. Don’t let Xavier’s laid back attitude fool you. Once he dropped his pants and started stroking his cock, it didn’t take long before his legs started trembling. Xavier sat back and put his head on his bike’s seat as he pumped his throbbing cock faster and faster.

Xavier let out a gasp as he shot a thick stream of cum all over his sweaty abs. Xavier really looked relieved as if he had just expelled some poisonous snake venom out of his tool. Xavier let us all know that he is definitely open to hooking up with another boy so we are gonna hold him to it.

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