Eddie White strokes his juicy uncut cock

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Eddie White at You Love Jack

Furry amateur Eddie White strips naked and shows off his beautiful 7 inch uncut cock. Precum already dripping from his piss slit as he slowly works his foreskin back and forth across the sensitive skin of his cock head. He pulls up his legs and spreads his cheeks to reveal his puckered little asshole.

Gently sliding one finger in to loosen himself up before driving two thick fingers deep inside his body. Sliding them slowly out to show off his glistening asshole as it gapes open just a touch. Begging for those fingers to be back inside.

He sits up and shows off his rock hard cock one more time as he looks right at the camera with a smirk on his beautiful face. He grabs his uncut cock and quickly milks out a thick load of cum that’s a creamy white reward for a job well done.

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Joey Lafontaine plays with a big dildo

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Joey Lafontaine plays with a dildo

Sure Joey Lafontaine has a girlfriend and there can be no denying that he’s attracted to girls. But that doesn’t mean that he can’t find the occasional guy attractive. And more to the point, as he clearly states, he needs some penis sometimes. And Joey’s penis longings are not simply for aesthetic reasons. A nice hard dick has a more practical purpose: ass stimulation.

So after more than four months of girl-boy sex, Joey was in desperate need of some prostate play. So he went to the local sex shop and picked up his ideal dildo and brought it over to show us just how he does it. And let me promise you, Joey knows how to use every inch of that dildo.

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Straight newcomer Zander Floyd jerks off

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Zander Floyd jerks off

Meet Zander Floyd, a newcomer who has filmed his very first porn video with Broke Straight Boys! He has quite a notable haircut – and I am not a fan of the hair, but other that that, Zander is a handsome guy with a cute face, an athletic body, a nice-sized cock and a delicious ass.

Zander isn’t much of a talker and he is nervous at the start, but once he starts playing with his nipples and his dick, he gets all horned up. He beats his cock till he shoots a nice load and he even gives his boy juice a taste.

I really hope we will see Zander back for a hardcore scene. He could use some extra money for the hairdresser – but even with the long hair, I would love to see him back.

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Straight lad Travis Hodge strokes his uncut cock

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Travis Hodge solo

Travis Hodge is a young lad who plays a lot of different sports and was discovered by one of our other models, Callum and Travis ended up on the same team and look what happened! Travis has one of these lean and muscular bodies with lots of hair where it looks great! You almost think he is a little shy, though looking at what happens when his boxers come down; his uncut cock shoots up like a rocket and doesn’t go down! Travis works out his body and he shows it off perfectly and ends up unloading on his very hairy abs!

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Danny Montero rubs out a nice big load

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Danny Montero solo

With his handsome dark features and hot body, 22 year old Danny Montero is a real fittie. Starting off in black Adidas trackies and top, he rubs the growing bulge in his pants then takes off his top, revealing a smooth, nicely muscled, hot body. Pulling down his trackies, leaving him in just his white boxers, he rubs and squeezes his bulge some more, then gets naked.

His dick is thick and meaty, with a big bulging head on it. Danny plays with it slowly, then gives us some very hot hands free action, before rubbing plenty of lube into it and jerking off real slow for us. Plenty of very horny cock action here, then he moves over to the sofa. Danny holds up his permanently throbbing meat at the base, showing it off to the camera.

He pours more lube over the head of his dick, then massages it in. He works his dick nice and slow, then gradually builds up till he is close to cumming, and keeps himself there for a bit, edging himself. Extremely hot.

He starts to build up now, wanking harder and faster.. Moments later, his thick cock starts pumping out hot white spunk over his sweaty abs. The cum drips down his fingers and dick, and as he squeezes out the last few drops, Danny gives one last horny look to camera.

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Hot straight rugby player Kieran solo

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Kieran for The Full English

Straight rugby player Kieran from Northern Ireland has done two shoots for The Full English. This handsome stud has appeared on a semi-naked sports calender before, so he already had some experience with being naked in front of a camera.

Actually, Kieran is a bit of an exhibitionist; he loves attention and he doesn’t mind showing off his hot body. In his most recent shoot for The Full English, Kieran arrived with a very painful broken leg he sustained while playing rugby. The plaster is now off and he’s working on a new body for 2014, which we will see next year.

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