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Hot US Marine jerks off

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Lane jerks off at SpunkWorthy

Lane has been wanting to be in porn for years. When he got the chance to do a shoot for SpunkWorthy, apparently, he told more than a couple friends about it. One of them even offered to drop him off for the shoot and was waiting outside the whole time. “I’ve been kind of bragging about it,” he admits.

Since joining the Marines, Lane has become a full-fledged gym fanatic. And it’s definitely paid off. You could bounce a quarter off his abs. In addition to the tight bod, Lane has a really long dick. 7 1/2 inches, in fact. Lane packs a wallop of a cumshot, too. He squirts a load that lands clear up his chest and covers his stomach in military jizz.

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Vince Demerit tries a Dildo

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Twink with uncut dick tries a dildo

Vince Demerit had been going through a lot of changes lately. Between working out 4 times a week at the gym and BMX competitions, Vince has gone from shy, skinny kid to a self-assured, budding muscle boy. But his new manly physique hasn’t gone to his head. In fact since starting with a new boyfriend, Vince has gone from aggressive top to willing bottom.

And to highlight this new found pleasure, Vince is trying a dildo for the first time. But to make it a real challenge, he picked one that is bigger than any cock he has ever had up his ass.

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Johnny strokes his uncut cock

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Johnny strokes his uncut cock

These straight boys and their big ideas. Johnny’s big dream is to be a straight porn star. In other words he wants to get paid for fucking hot chicks. But if that doesn’t work, his back up plan is to go into construction. The connection is clear. Jobs are about working with wood. Johnny is pretty serious about fulfilling his duties as a hot straight guy. Fucking girls is VERY high on his agenda of things to do.

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Muscle jock Cory Everlast

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Cory Everlast

Here’s a tasty, muscle bound morsel for you to enjoy. His name is Cory Everlast and he’s letting you take a peek while he disrobes andfattens up his huge cock. Once chubbified, he’s stroking his meat with his large, tattooed arms and giving you sexy, taunting looks. Cory knows you like his bubbly ass cheeks and amazing body. This is the sexiest dude you’ve seen around the weight room in a while!

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James Jamesson jerks off

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Next Door Male

James Jamesson

James Jamesson for Next Door Male

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straight guy jerks off

James Jamesson sometimes finds himself in some “sticky” situations. In fact just today he was hanging out at the library, reading romantic mystery novels, when his dick grew quite hard. Being an upstanding citizen, James decided to jerk off in a bathroom stall, away from the public eye.

After blowing his load all over the inside of the stall, he emerges from the bathroom to find two police officers questioning him about his activity. Find out what happened to him as he recounts this tale of woe to his friend on the phone.

A story like this only serves to get James’s cock just as rock hard as it was earlier in the library. Watch James stroke his meat and contort himself into an amazing position as he sucks his own dick!

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Mike strokes his uncut cock

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What I love about my job more than anything is that you never really know how a total newbie is going to perform! Nor what pleasant surprises are held within his underwear! Mike certainly was a pleasure to film – he’s got a lovely slim and toned body… a thick uncut dick and rugged look. But he’s also a little shy and has if ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ attitude… yet Mike was really eager to come and jerk off.

I’ve always said it’s more about the fun than the money and Mike’s debut is a prime example of a guy wanting to give himself some serious self pleasure and share it for us all to see!! Sure, he was slightly nervous during our initial chat but once Mike was naked with his thick uncut cock flapping about his naughty side soon kicked in.

Mike starts by caressing his soft cock, as he plays with his dick it slowly pulses in to a throbbing piece of rock-hard man-meat! And once it’s at full mast he loves bouncing it around, spitting down on to it and massaging his foreskin up and down giving it the pleasure it so deserves. Working his prized dick to completion, Mike’s cock shoots a really huge load… trust me, really huge!

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